Working to save stray dogs in the North East

Golden Oldies

The golden oldies are very important to us

We never turn a needy dog down due to age or because it needs extensive veterinary care. As you can imagine we appreciate all the support we receive. There are a number of ways you can help us carry on giving these wonderful dogs a happy retirement.


For as little as £1 a week (more if you can afford it) you could help us to support these Golden Oldies. You will receive a certificate and quarterly update on all the golden oldies we have in our care and Christmas card from them in return for your generous support. See some of them below.


A one off donation, however small, will help us to keep rescuing dogs that have either been abandoned due to their age, health or because their owner sadly died.

How to pay

To make a one off donation or join our sponsorship scheme, you can either:-

Donate via the Donate Now button on the Home Page (which is automatically gift aided), via PayPal using our email address, via text, by sending to ASOS13 followed by the amount of your donation eg ASOS13 £10,make a bank transfer or set up a Standing Order to our bank, LloydsTSB,Sort code 30-97-43 Account Number 00870054, by cheque to our secretary at 20 Rossendale Close, Marske TS11 7DT.

Here are some of our wonderful oldies,sadly some have now passed to Rainbow Bridge but they were much loved and cared for whilst with us.We have left them on for you to see and to remember an oldie gives so much in return for your love.

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Save Our Strays video

Click on the below image to view the video

These are some of our golden oldies we have helped, some of them have now sadly passed on to rainbow bridge but we know they had love and care for their time with us.




The second of three dogs that were all taken to the local dog pound over Christmas

Ned is a loving happy collie cross in spite of his terrible condition. At the vets he quickly made friends with every one. He is aged about 12 years and has partial sight due to cataracts.

His coat was matted and missing in parts and his skin looked sore so it was decided to clip all his fur off. Bloods have been taken to check he does not have a long standing disease such as Cushing,s syndrome.

He looks malnourished but amazing. Ned has now gone to his new foster home for lots of tender loving care and after one hour his new mum said we cannot have him back. Save our Strays will of course pay for all Ned,s treatment and care for the rest of his life. Watch for his progress.


Ned has now settled very well in his forever foster home and enjoys life to the full.

He was out for a walk in Saltburn woods when the photo's were taken, a very different dog to the one we rescued at Christmas.

Without the foster homes we would not be able to help the desperate dogs so much. Thank you to all who help.


Here is our beautiful Bella, fully recovered after her operation. She has just had her stitches out today and has now gone out to her forever home.

I have to say she is the sweetest little dog I have had the privilege of looking after, great with dogs, cats and people and a very loving nature. She will be spoiled rotten for the rest of her life now by Eddie which is just what she deserves.

Many thanks to all our supporters out there for your donations and help for this little "Golden Oldie" - we can't help her and others like her without your support.


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