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Why a Rescue Dog

Cross breeds

Cross breed dogs make excellent pets. They often don't have many of the genetic disorders or inherited health problems of many of the pure pedigrees. This is because by having a number of different breeds in their background, they reduce the risk of inheriting the breed specific problems. For example, cross breeds are less likely to suffer from problems that pure pedigrees display, as they often combine the different traits of a number of breeds and this can be a very good combination. For example, collie crosses are often a little less obsessive or energetic as their pure breed counter parts (although collies are wonderful dogs, this is just an example) So please consider the Heinz 57 variety dog next time you are re-homing.

Rescue dogs vs. buying a breeder's puppy

While puppies are wonderful they are also a lot of work and need training and socialising thoroughly to be happy healthy dogs. However, there are many adult dogs in rescues who need homes. Many families buy a puppy from a breeder because they know its history or because they think they can train it to be one of their family. There are many young dogs from 6 months and older in rescue who may be a better choice for a family than an 8 week old puppy. This is because they will usually be house-trained, have gone through the chewing the furniture stage, should be socialised well from the meet and greets and foster families and if you get a dog who is two or over they will be a little calmer and can be left for reasonable periods while you are at work, unlike a puppy. There is also the added bonus that you are helping re-home dogs that need homes desperately or often are facing being destroyed rather than encouraging puppy mill style breeders. Please consider a rescue dog or rescue puppy if you are thinking of re-homing.